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On the surface all holsters look great and look like they will meet your needs.  It is when you start to use them that the obvious differences come out.  First …



  The "Holster Box" and price are an interesting topic.  When I started making holsters, I always heard of the "Holster Box".  I decided that I would do my best to …



This Jim Murnak design is a revolutionary new twist on the vertical holster because it allows instant access to your gun without having to find a thumb break. You just …



  Now let's talk about design.  There are a lot of neat looking holsters, but they don't always hold close to you or fit the way they are supposed to.  When …



  Our most popular holsters as far as number of sales would be the clip holsters, #1, #1A.  No doubt, the price is an issue, but the holster itself is very …


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How to Order a Custom Holster

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How to Order a Custom Holster

How to Order a Custom Holster

CHECK OUR GUN LIST FOR YOUR GUN. Unlike other manufacturers, any holster we make can be customized...

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{jcomments off}CURRENT GUN LIST If your gun or related gun (for example a Springfield is exactly the...

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On the surface all holsters look great and look like they will meet your needs.  It...

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I have been a Law Enforcement Officer of over twenty years in Arizona. Over the years I have purchased numerous holsters for my duty weapons as well as my personal firearms. Several years ago I purchased a holster from FIST. I am a Detective so I needed something comfortable as well as functional. This particular holster not only fits the bill, but with the magazine pouch connected to the holster I it is very versatile. You never know what kind of situation you will be faced with, but with FIST I know I can depend not only on quality and workmanship but dependability. I looked long and hard before deciding on this company and the research was well worth it. If you want quality I would recommend Jim Murnak for all of your gun leather.


Hello, My name is David Brown. I have been using FIST INC Holsters for years as a CCW Holder and now my girlfriend and both use FIST INC Holsters exclusively for CCW and Range Use. I have had a Fist Inc Holster for every gun I have ever owned in Leather and the Kydex style. We both love the "Thin" Kydex option on the Kydex Holsters because it is so thin yet very strong and sturdy. The leather holsters I have ordered from FIST INC are incredible in the way they fit the pistols I own and are super comfortable inside the waistband. I have had a FIST for Glock 19's,26's ,Walther PPQ, Hk Usp, Hk45c's and 1911's and they have always carried excellent no matter the weight of the pistol. The Steel Clip on the Holsters that I use are so strong they can be used with or without a belt with pants and jeans. The Clip style is the most convenient way to holster up and take the holster off."


I love my fist holster, I own two and I don't even know I am wearing it. I highly recommend. Joshua D Albrecht DDS.


"My name is Matt, and I have had a concealed pistol license for 5 years now. My go to carry holster is the Fist #20 Adjustable for my GP100. This is a heavy full sized gun, but the Fist holster allows for very comfortable carry and conceals the weapon without issue, even when wearing shorts and a medium weight t-shirt. The holster design also allows for an excellent grip when drawing the weapon. What more can you ask for in a concealed carry holster? The quality, workmanship and design functionality is why I'll buy from Fist again."


I chose Fist for my first custom holster based on outstanding recommendations from friends and the versatile design of the #20 Adjustable IWB. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The holster keeps the weapon close to the body which makes it very concealable. There's no problem wearing this holster with just an un-tucked t-shirt. However, the most impressive features of the holster are the way it securely holds my Glock 27 and how comfortable it is to wear. The wide range of adjustments on the holster makes it easy to fit the holster to your desired carry position. I'm looking forward to my next Fist holster! Regards, B. Kelley


Your iwb product is the more functional, stealth, comfortable and versatile than I could have imagined. Appreciated the large tunnel to accommodate the tall sights on this G19. Great innovation and quality. Your fist holster is so far superior that my old holsters are not needed... i have quite a collection of other various manufactures that i will not be using now.


I'd like to thank the extremely talented people over at Fist, Inc. These folks flat out 'get it'… Honestly, over the years I've accumulated no less than 20 different holsters; but day in and day out I find myself reaching for my trusty forward canted #1AK. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It's both lightweight and strong, made of ultra thin kydex; this product is nothing short of world class! Plus, they come in 8 different colors! (What, no polka dots?) That’s not all… If you’re a Glock owner like me, this handy little holster holds not one but ALL THREE of my 40 caliber weapons (22, 23 & 27) equally well! (Go ahead and try that with YOUR holster of choice…) Also, when you call them a knowledgable human being always answers the phone. The ONLY thing that I’d change is the lead time for your holster while it’s being manufactured. But ya know what? It’s worth it. Thanks FIST! Kirk Abraham Hello Fist Holsters,   Here is a photo of my Fist Holster # 44 with body protectors for my Walther PPK/S-1. Fits a Crimson Trace Lasergrip with no problems!   Thanks for making the BEST custom holsters available.   Sincerely,   Alexander Yee


As a CWP holder, I desire the need for a quality holster that will provide a secure means of carrying my weapon as well as the functionality of concealment and accessibility.  The Fist holsters that I have purchased for my SW Scandium J-frame and SW Sigma 40v have both exceeded my expectations in regards to quality of materials, workmanship, functionality and service.  Fist has been able to make true custom high quality holsters for me with features that I have found to be important based on my applications. There knowledgeable customer service personnel have been a valuable asset in assisting with my needs.  I am looking forward to purchasing other fine holsters for my additional firearms from Fist, Inc. A highly satisfied Fist, Inc. customer, Michael Stone


Love the way my Glock 26 snaps into the lightweight, comfortable K8 ultra-thin holster. Lightweight, but secure. Greg Schneider


"My #42 Driving Holster is the answer to my days in and out of the vehicle. The fit to my P45, construction and finish is nothing short of excellent, all while allowing a quick rotation for sitting or standing. -Doc "


My name is Brent and I have been using FIST holsters since 2004. They are one of the first holsters I purchased for concealed carry. At the time I was completely unaware of their quality in comparison to other custom holster makers. Many years and holsters later (FIST and other brands) I can say that FIST is easily among the best leather holster makers and without a doubt the best Kydex holster maker out there. I will concentrate on Kydex because I carry Glocks and in my opinion they carry best in Kydex. I carry the #1AK IWB and a #8K OWB. I also use a #5K pocket holster for a S&W J frame. Most Kydex holsters are the thick folded type or a poured form screwed to a belt attachment. The result is something too thick for your pocket or that hangs off your belt like a carpenter's hammer. Only FIST makes a Kydex holster like a leather holster - sewn and molded for a perfect custom fit.


I'm a peace officer and I love my new FIST holster for off-duty carry. It is much thinner than my old holster, which means it doesn't print and it's more comfortable worn in the waistband. The holster holds my Kahr P380 in with a nice secure click. The belt clip keeps it rooted to my belt. Recommended. I look forward to my next FIST holster.


I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I own three Fist holsters. I started off with a leather IWB, but soon discovered the ultra-thin kydex holsters. I primarily use the IWB with clip and bodyguard (1AK). I also have a tuckable IWB version of the same holster. Given the usually cool temps I can get away without having to tuck in. I carry a Glock 26 and this ultra-thin is just like having the Glock in there by itself. It's lightweight, durable, barely noticeable and has great retention. Awesome piece of work! I highly suggest the ultra-thin kydex holsters!


This is my #11 Close Cropped Combination in Kydex for my S&W. The Kydex allows the holster to be much thinner than leather while still retaining its shape. With the #48 Snap Straps I can take my holster on and off in less than a minute. Being left handed this is extremely convenient since I don't have to take my belt 3/4 of the way off. The other options that are available such as color, thumb break, body protector, etc.really allow for customization not found with other holster companies. I have been a loyal customer of Fist for about 10 years now. My friends don't understand why I would wait several weeks for a new holster to arrive when they can pick up another brand at the 'box store' today until they look at the quality of my Fist and see the website. I can't recommend Fist highly enough. Kyle Dear Fist, I presently have eight of your holsters that have been purchased over the years; the oldest dating back to I believe 2001. They have served me well and all appear almost as good as the day I received them. They are sturdy and tough as well as beautiful holsters. They compliment the pistols they hold very well and stand up to even the roughest use. Mine have seen regular hard duty at the Black Water training facilities as well as regular IDPA shoots and this leather has never let me down. In fact, the only repair ever needed was the replacement of the snap belt loops on the second oldest holster after 8 years of day to day use when one of the snaps wore out becoming too loose to hold my weapon securely enough to my belt. This was done quickly and efficiently by Fist Holsters. I have found Fist Holsters to be the best holster makers around and continue to use their product for it is the best holster to bet one's life on and a great value for the money. I highly recommend Fist Holsters to anybody out there that thinks seriously about gun carry. Fist Holsters will not let you down. Sincerely,H.H. Dr. Thomas v. Stillwell, Prince of South Moravia


"Ever since getting my first Glock and my CCW Permit last year, I began relentlessly searching for the perfect holster. After doing a lot of research, as well as having a desire to have a 'closed bottom' holster, I decided to give Fist Holsters a try with a custom holster for me. Being a relatively thin guy, I decided upon the #19 as it was described as a thinner version of what I imaged the perfect holster to be (the #20). Thankfully, I made the right choice. Upon receiving it, it is immediately apparent that the fit and finish of the holster is second to none. Utilizing both straps to a strong, sturdy gun belt (highly recommended), this is the most secure holster I've ever used. It is a holster that can stay with you if you have to get a little dressy, as well as a holster that fits very well under even a slim fitting t-shirt (as seen in the pictures). After purchasing this holster, everything else just seems sub-par functionally. The attachment of this holster to the belt is rock solid and very fast (utilizing the snap straps). The fact that it's a great looking holster doesn't hurt either. While the lead time for the holster may be somewhat lengthy, it is well worth it in the end. Furthermore, I needed mine slightly expedited as I wanted it for an upcoming class I had, and after a simple phone call they said they'd take care of it and actually had it to me a week earlier than it was needed. In my experience, their customer service has been friendly and helpful. If you are contemplating a new holster, save yourself both the time and money and start with a Fist... you won't regret it!"


Besides my dog, my other best friend always by my side is my 9mm tucked securely in an ultra thin kydex FIST holster! I've bought multiple holsters from Fist and have loved everyone of them. They can take some serious abuse and always stay strong and comfortable. Great product! Nick Yeargin